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All of our auditions are open to non-members. We hold read throughs for most of our plays which are also open to anyone who would like to find more out about the production. If you are successful in a part or simply want to help with the production in any way you will be required to join the Lindleys. In order to find out about them please join our mailing list or like our Facebook page! This page will be updated when audition information becomes available - please note we do not usually announce the auditions more than 6 months before the production dates!

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The audition is on Monday 26th March 7:30pm with a sing through/chance to go through the audition songs and dances on Sunday 25th March 7pm

The audition will include a bit of script, part of a song and a movement audition. Anyone going for the part of Marcy will do an extra movement/dance audition.  

Please contact Jamie on 07538223068 with any questions, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Character Descriptions

Rona Peretti Age Range 35 plus. Rona is a loving person who really believes in the spelling bee competitions. She won the third annual competition. She gets unwanted attention from the vice principal and is very straight with him. She holds everything and everyone together. She is like a mum figure to the other characters.  

Vice Principal Douglas Panch Age range 40 plus He is infatuated with Rona. He is rather laid back and doesn’t really understand why people would want to put themselves through this. He is quick witted and likes to make fun of others for his own amusement. He does want to do well though in his role as he wants to impress Rona. No singing apart from group songs.  

Olive Ostrovsky Age range 18-35 Olive is a very shy character. She is always looking out to the audience to see if her dad will turn up to support her. She loves words and they are her best friend. She is an only child.  

William Barfee Age range 18-35 He has a lot of health problems and a lot to prove. He is very determined to do well and doesn’t care for the others that much. This is due to him being picked on a lot and also not having affection from his father. The only person he trusts is his mum. During the musical he starts to care for another speller and goes on a bit of a journey with it.  

Logainne SchwartzandGrubenierre Age range 18-35 The youngest of all the competitions. She has a lisp and is uncomfortable in herself. She has two very demanding fathers who drill her with what she needs to do to succeed always. She is very aware of everything around her.  

Marcy Parks Age range 18-35 Marcy is an over achiever. Whatever she turns her mind to she will always be the best, as that is what is expected of her. She is from out of the area and knows she can beat the other competitors. She is very straight laced and will not relax till she wins.  

Leaf Coneybear Age range 18-35 Leaf doesn’t really know what is going on. He just goes with the flow and thinks everything is an adventure. He has attention deficit disorder but loves his wandering mind. He makes his own clothes. He doesn’t expect to do well but will give it his best.  

Chip Tolentino Age range 18-35 He is the reigning champion. He is athletic, and things come easy to him. Recently he has been going through some strange changes, body wise and feeling wise. He is a strong character  

Mitch Mahoney Age range: up to 45 Mitch is doing his community service. He gives juice boxes to anyone who gets knocked out of the competition.  He has a scary appearance and doesn’t want to be there. As it gets going he slowly changes and starts to like what he is doing and wants to show comfort to everyone who gets knocked out.  

Also, there are some minor roles that are played by the people cast in the roles above. These are characters portraying the parents, siblings and Jesus Christ!  

Audition songs – you can find all of these on Youtube
Rona: My Favourite Moment Of The Bee Part 3
Vice Principal Panch: Prayer Of The Comfort Counsellor.
(He doesn’t have any solo songs. Mainly talks through the songs. Will need to be able to sing some ensemble bits.)
Mitch: Prayer Of The Comfort Counsellor       
Olive: My Friend The Dictionary
Barfee: Magic Foot
Logainne: Woe Is Me
Marcy: I Speak Six Languages
Leaf Coneybear: I’m Not That Smart
Chip: My Unfortunate Erection

Audition Script  
Rona: page 7 and 8 from “Ladies and Gentlemen”
Page 7 | Page 8

Vice Principal Panch: page 8 into page 9 “This includes the spelling rules.”
Page 8 | Page 9

Olive: page 30 to 31 and 32. After the audience volunteer for the 1st bit.
The second bit from. “I’m thinking about does Flagellate have one l or two.”
Page 30 | Page 31 | Page 32

Barfee: page 44 to 45 after ‘My Unfortunate Erection.’
Page 44 | Page 45

Logainne (schwarzy) p59-p60 from “doesn’t anyone care about the rules”
Page 59 | Page 60

Marcey: p56- p57 from “camouflage. Dear Jesus, can’t you come up with a harder word than that?”
Page 56 | Page 57

Leaf Coneybear: BOTTOM PAGE 11 to 13. “Thanks, I got it, Hello Leaf speaking”
Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13

Mitch: p38. “You can’t comfort these damn kids. “
Page 38

Chip: p36-p38 “sorry is it my turn to spell?”
Page 36 | Page 37 | Page 38

Please keep an eye on facebook or join the Lindley Players mailing list (via our website) for future information on this exciting musical.

Director - Jay Mount