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31 July 2014, 00.00
Grand-Guignol: Canterbury Times Review
"The production was professional and solid with a strong cast."
24 July 2014, 00.00
'Snow White' Open Auditions
Auditions for our 2015 panto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
16 June 2014, 00.00
'Sylvia' Open Auditions
Open audition for Sylvia




£8 | £9 | £10
The Lindley Players Present...
Tuesday 23 - Saturday 27 September - 7.45pm

Greg and Kate have been married for twenty odd years, their lives have changed, the children have left home and they have moved back from the suburbs to Manhattan and city life. They are reacting to their new lives in very different ways. Kate is excited at the prospect of her career finally taking off. Greg however is having a “male menopausal” moment and is finding his job deeply unsatisfying. 

Along comes Sylvia, a vivacious stray dog Greg finds in the park (or perhaps she finds him) on an afternoon when he should be at work. His life takes on new meaning. He takes Sylvia home to the smart New York apartment where he and Kate live. Kate is less than enthralled by Sylvia and demands that Greg gets rid of the dog, but Greg is smitten. Sylvia plays up to him for all she is worth, delighted to find a new home. Kate’s place in Greg’s affections is threatened and she determines to get rid of Sylvia. Who will Greg chose?



Tue 18th- Sat 22ndJanuary - 7:45pm