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Grand Guignol Open Auditions

The macabre is coming to The Playhouse, get involved!



This production, directed by Huw Jones, is an evening of classic tales, reliving the spirit of Grand Guignol, the infamous turn-of-the-century Parisian theatre that captivated and terrified audiences with its tales of the macabre, of mystery, suspense, and horror… and of bawdy comedy.

A typical Grand Guignol evening consisted of several plays, and our production is no exception. There will be five short plays, including the psychologically creepy The Kiss Of Blood and the spouse-swapping vulgarity of Doing The Deed.

We aim to recreate the gruesome and lewd atmosphere of Grand Guignol – although, unlike the original Theatre du Grand Guignol, we probably won’t measure the success of the evening by the number of people who faint during the performance!

The production will run from Tuesday, 29 July to Saturday, 2 August 2014.

A company of 10 performers will multi-role in several of the plays, which will be linked together to tell the story of the theatre and the genre. There are grand opportunities for full-bodied characterisation in these compelling scenarios. This is not “parody-horror”, as the tales are rich in dramatic content, and psychologically-vivid characters.

Grand Guignol - Open Auditions at the Playhouse Theatre Whitstable
Saturday 22 March 2014, 2pm

Box Office 01227 272042 or visit